Different Waste Disposal Methods

Waste disposal has become a serious concern with the exponential growth in technologies, industrial development, and the steady rise in population. People from the waste management department are searching for the best ways and methodologies for disposal as it is constantly affecting human health and the environment as well.

Recent advancements have introduced various waste disposal methods among which following are some of the most widely accepted across the globe:

Energy Recovery is one good way of waste disposal as it helps in the recycling of a re-usable form of waste. This recycled form can be used for various purposes like heating, cooking, or powering turbines. Recycling is a process that takes a substance through a system in order to make that substance re-usable. The process requires separation and cleaning of the waste materials and re-using them to ensure lower energy consumption. It helps provide a clean and healthy environment for the future, an environment that is healthy and fit for human existence.

Sanitary landfill disposal is a relatively cheaper option than the recycling method. It is a method in which the solid waste is buried between the dirt layers to fill the depth of the ground. This should be properly monitored and maintained in order to avoid water seeping in the filled land. Filled land can be re-used for various purposes.

Incineration is a process of burning a waste material to ashes. Such a method is popular in countries like Japan where there is less land available for disposal. When the process is being carried out, a large amount of energy, carbon dioxide, and some hazardous pollutants are released. This has become a serious concern as the pollutants are destroying the environmental health. With this modern incinerators are been introduced that make wise use of the energy released or wasted during the burning process. The modern method uses filters and scrubbers to ensure that no poisonous substances, pollutants, and acidic gases are released into the atmosphere. This prevents loss of energy and also helps dispose waste in an effective manner.

Ocean dumping is another way of disposing waste materials. Though it is one of the most inexpensive and convenient method, it is not recommended because of the damage it causes to all the lives in the depth of oceans. Even today people are dumping huge amount of waste into oceans but it should be curbed or used in an effective way so that marine life is not affected and even water is prevented from being polluted.


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